a day in the garden 1999

a day in the garden 1999

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  • What happened to the garden in the psychiatric hospital?

  • In spring 2007 the unit leadership obtained permission to begin using a former garden within the hospital, only a few hundred yards from the unit. The low-secure unit is part of a larger psychiatric hospital. Despite being overrun with brambles, the garden had two commercial quality greenhouses, a polytunnel and running water.

  • Can gardening promote mental health?

  • Research has established that gardening has qualities that promote mental health and it is hoped that by operating the scheme in a cooperative model the social benefits found in earlier research will be increased. In addition, the intrinsic hope of gardening is potentially therapeutic to people with enduring mental health problems.

  • Is gardening therapeutic?

  • There are many reasons to conclude that gardening may be therapeutic 鈥?there is evidence for physical, cognitive and social benefits. However, there may be something in gardening associated with providing hope for those who may have little else to hope for.

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