are garden of life vitamins synthetic

are garden of life vitamins synthetic

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Garden of Life supplements arefree of chemicals and synthetic formulas. The products are made using natural, whole foods that are grown in organic, non-GMO soil. The supplements are certified USDA organic, non-GMO, vegan, and gluten-free, so the formulas are clean and designed to help you achieve real health benefits.

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  • What are the garden of life products?

  • There are Garden of Life probiotics, Garden of Life protein, Garden of life vitamins, Garden of Life code for men, and Garden of Life prenatals, just to name a few of their products.

  • What are all garden of Life Vitamins?

  • All Garden of Life vitamins are made from real, whole foods with nutrients that your body is able to easily recognize. We offer fun, delicious and convenient formats like gummies, sprays and chewables that are perfect for everyone in your family.

  • Why choose Garden of life raw prenatal?

  • Contains 30mg of high-potency Raw whole food zinc with vitamin C to support your extraordinary health. Vitamin Code Raw Prenatal is a comprehensive whole food multi-nutrient formula, specifically formulated to meet the unique needs of women during pre-conception, pregnancy and lactation. Why Choose Garden of Life Vitamins?

  • Who is mykind organics?

  • So I went looking for a partner 鈥?the stars aligned with Garden of Life 鈥?and I co-founded mykind Organics.鈥?Actress, New York Times Best Selling Author, Health Advocate Co-creator of mykind Organics. Why Choose Garden of Life?

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