are moths good for the garden

are moths good for the garden

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And even though the sphinx moth is one of my favorites to watch in the garden,its larvae is the tomato hornworm,a significant pest in many regions of the country. Like so many creatures,there鈥檚 give and take when it comes to moths.They are excellent pollinators as adults,yet their larval stage is nearly always problematic for gardeners.

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  • How can I Make my Garden a good habitat for moths?

  • To make your garden a good habitat for moths it is important to try and provide food for the caterpillars, as well as nectar-bearing flowers for the adult moths. Some moth caterpillars will eat the leaves of a fairly wide range of plants, but most are restricted to a few types of plant or even just one plant species.

  • What do moths eat in the garden?

  • Flowers with plenty of nectar will provide a good source of food for adult moths, while certain plants can provide the necessary food for caterpillars. Your garden is home to many beautiful moths which have important roles in the garden ecosystem.

  • What plants attract moths?

  • If you want to invite moths in gardens, you鈥檒l want to know what plants attract moths. Moths appreciate variety in the garden. Many use trees, shrubs, or perennials as host plants. Some trees that attract moths are:

  • How do moths affect plants?

  • Moth caterpillars have a great impact on plants by eating their leaves. This had led to many types of plant evolving special chemicals to make them less appealing to caterpillars and limit the damage. But moths also benefit plants by pollinating flowers while feeding on their nectar, and so help in seed production.

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