are praying mantis good for a garden

are praying mantis good for a garden

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  • Do praying mantis eat good insects?

  • Although it is true that they feed on a number of bad insects you don鈥檛 want in your garden; they also eat good insects, too. Praying mantises can clean your garden of bad insects, but they can also devour good ones too.

  • How do I keep praying mantis out of my Garden?

  • If you don’t have another garden, an area near water, trees or shrubs may be good, because insects such as mosquitoes are likely lurking nearby. Keep praying mantises far away from hummingbird feeders and any plants that attract these birds, as a large praying mantis can and will catch them with ease.

  • Do praying mantis have good hearing?

  • Luckily, the praying mantis has a sense of hearing good enough for them to find other insects in your garden and to keep themselves safe from larger predators. Praying mantises only have one ear, which might seem paltry compared to the two ears we humans have.

  • Do praying mantids prefer shrubs or trees?

  • Answer: Praying mantids prefer shrubbery because it has a lot of branches and foliage which hides the egg case and young from predators. If you can’t grow shrubbery, try growing plants that are very dense and would make good hiding places for the egg cases and young.

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