can guinea pigs eat garden peas

can guinea pigs eat garden peas

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  • Can guinea pigs eat little green peas?

  • Overall, provide little green peas to your guinea pig is safe for consumption and healthy as long as they are cleaned prior to being fed. What kind of peas can guinea pigs eat? There are several different varieties of peas that you can feed your guinea pig. The best types to feed them are snow peas and sugar snap peas.

  • Can guinea pigs eat collard greens?

  • Yes, guinea pigs can eat collard greens. Collard greens are high in Vit A, C, and K and other nutrients our guinea pigs require. It does, however, contain a reasonable quantity of calcium so that it may feed sparingly.

  • Can guinea pigs eat cucumbers?

  • Yes, guinea pigs can eat cucumbers in moderation once or twice a week. They鈥檙e abundant in vitamin C, but they鈥檙e also heavy in moisture and nutritionally deficient in other ways. The peel and seeds are also safe for your guinea pig to eat.

  • Can guinea pigs eat frozen legumes?

  • Many people tend to give frozen legume that has been warmed up, but it is always a better option to feed your guinea pigs some newly harvested items that are thoroughly washed beforehand. Frozen beans can actually cause harm to your pet, as they are too hard to chew even after they have been thawed.

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