can i buy ladybugs for my garden

can i buy ladybugs for my garden

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  • Are ladybugs good for organic gardening?

  • These beneficial insects are a must-have for organic gardening or farming. A ladybug will eat insects during both the adult and larval stages, so you can receive ladybugs as adults and continue to have live ladybugs eating during other parts of their life cycle. You can now buy live ladybugs online from Green Thumb Nursery!

  • Where can I buy live ladybugs?

  • When you buy live Ladybugs from they are shipped as adults in containers, pouches, mesh bags and cloth bags. Storing the beetles can be done at a temperature of 40F to 60F for 1 鈥?3 weeks.

  • When should I release ladybugs?

  • Your goal should be to release the ladybugs when pests are at moderate levels. If you do release ladybugs in your garden, do so in the evening. Give your garden a light misting first, so there is plenty of moisture for the ladybugs.

  • Do ladybugs eat aphids?

  • Ladybugs, which are also called ladybirds and lady beetles are good predators for things like aphids and many people recommend buying them as a natural method of pest control in the garden.

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