can i sell fruit from my garden

can i sell fruit from my garden

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  • Can I sell fresh fruit and vegetables at a market?

  • These markets are becoming increasingly popular venues to sell fresh fruit and vegetables from, unlike car boot sales, you can’t just turn up on the day. You will need to book in advance and can’t normally include non farm or garden produce, so will need a lot of stuff to cover costs. Getting the timing right.

  • How to sell plants and garden produce?

  • This approach to selling plants and garden produce will need a bit more marketing. Selling plants that are surplus to your own requirements may not be enough to justify the extra costs involved. You might consider buying and selling other growers plants. Growing plants especially for the homegrown market.

  • Is it legal to sell homegrown fruit and vegetables in Australia?

  • The laws surrounding the sale of homegrown produce vary depending on the state you鈥檙e in and what you鈥檙e selling. By and large, it is perfectly legal to sell fruit and vegetables in Australia provided the produce has simply been washed and refrigerated prior to selling.

  • Can you sell canned fruit pies at farmers markets?

  • Fruit pies, pickles and non-canned jam can only be sold at farmers markets. Alaska only allows cottage food producers to sell baked goods and candy. Florida doesn’t allow canned foods, but you can sell jams, jellies and fruit pies. Illinois allows you to sell canned fruit jams, jellies and butters, but no other canned goods.

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