can i sell fruit from my garden

can i sell fruit from my garden

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  • Can I sell fresh fruit and vegetables at a market?

  • These markets are becoming increasingly popular venues to sell fresh fruit and vegetables from, unlike car boot sales, you can’t just turn up on the day. You will need to book in advance and can’t normally include non farm or garden produce, so will need a lot of stuff to cover costs. Getting the timing right.

  • Where can I Sell my Garden produce to make money?

  • Car boots. You can sell your homegrown plants, shrubs you have grown from cuttings and fruit and vegetables at local car boots to make money. The advantage over farmers markets is that you won’t have to book and if you only have a small amount of garden produce, it can be sold alongside household clearance stuff. Farmers markets.

  • Is it legal to sell homegrown fruit and vegetables in Australia?

  • The laws surrounding the sale of homegrown produce vary depending on the state you鈥檙e in and what you鈥檙e selling. By and large, it is perfectly legal to sell fruit and vegetables in Australia provided the produce has simply been washed and refrigerated prior to selling.

  • Do you need a license to sell fruits and vegetables?

  • One exception is for a produce stands that only sells whole, uncut, fresh fruits and vegetables. Packaging or Manufacturing License. In some states, you may be able to sell loose produce without a license, but when you sell packaged or manufactured products of any kind, you typically need a license.

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