can i use garden soil to start seeds

can i use garden soil to start seeds

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  • Can you start seeds in potting soil?

  • Even though gardeners can start seeds in potting soil, most people discourage this act and recommend seed starter mix instead of the potting soil. It is true that the potting soil has many essential nutrients and feed mixed inside, but different seeds require different conditions to encourage their growth.

  • Can I use topsoil to start seeds in containers?

  • No, it is not recommended to use topsoil for starting seeds in containers. Seeds need the right amount of oxygen and moisture for the best chance of germination, and topsoil does not provide the best growing medium that suits these needs. It is an odd paradox that the best soil for seed starting actually contains no soil at all!

  • What is the best soil mix to start a garden?

  • Peat moss or coco coir is a great choice for the base of the mix because it is an organic material that holds water well while providing many channels for air. Vermiculite and perlite are lightweight minerals that improve air circulation and drainage when used in a soil mix. Seed starting mixes can be bought at the store.

  • What kind of potting mix should I use to start seeds?

  • The type of mix sold for starting seedlings (you could also use all-purpose potting mix or houseplant potting mix, which are much the same thing) is designed for indoor growing and a wise gardener would stick to them. Loading…

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