can you bury a cat in your garden

can you bury a cat in your garden

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Some people prefer to take their cat home to bury in the garden. There isno formal planning requiredfor burying a cat at the home it lived in as long as you own the land and the vet has said that there is no risk to other animals or people. If in doubt,speak to your local authority.

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  • Can I Bury my Cat in my backyard?

  • Not all landlords will allow people to bury pets in the backyard. Choose a burial site. Once you have made sure burying your cat is legal, select a burial site, such as a spot in your yard. You may want to pick a special or symbolic place to bury your cat.

  • Is it legal to bury a pet in your backyard?

  • The legality of burying a pet in a backyard depends on the laws of your municipality. Those that allow it typically require that the burial site be between 2 to 4 feet deep and be 30m to 150m away from a water source. From my own research, the following provinces have the following regulations.

  • What is the best way to bury a pet?

  • As a rule, it is best to bury a pet away from any major water sources (e.g. garden ponds, rivers, streams, or wells). Be careful not to damage any underground cables or pipes when you start digging. Dig a grave big enough so there will be at least three (3) feet of earth above the remains in heavy soils and two (2) feet in lighter soils.

  • How to bury a cat in a cardboard box?

  • 1 Dig the hole to a depth of at least 3 feet 2 Wrap your cat in the sheet, blanket or towel and place in the cardboard box and tie the box with rope or strong string 3 Place soil over the box and firm down well 4 Put a large stone or paver over the area More items…

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