can you bury a cat in your garden

can you bury a cat in your garden

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  • Can I Bury my Cat in my backyard?

  • Not all landlords will allow people to bury pets in the backyard. Choose a burial site. Once you have made sure burying your cat is legal, select a burial site, such as a spot in your yard. You may want to pick a special or symbolic place to bury your cat.

  • What is the best way to bury a pet?

  • As a rule, it is best to bury a pet away from any major water sources (e.g. garden ponds, rivers, streams, or wells). Be careful not to damage any underground cables or pipes when you start digging. Dig a grave big enough so there will be at least three (3) feet of earth above the remains in heavy soils and two (2) feet in lighter soils.

  • Is it legal to bury pets in the backyard?

  • Home burials are private, personal and less expensive than other alternatives. But Is It legal to bury pets In the backyard? Yes, in most states it is legal to bury pets in the backyard. However, many states have rules and regulations that you must follow when burying your pet.

  • How deep do you bury a dead cat?

  • Burying your cat deep within the ground can help to prevent other creatures from discovering your cat. You should bury your cat 3 feet deep in heavy soils and 2 feet deep in lighter soils. Plan the space you want to bury your cat so you do not create a hole that is too small.

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