can you buy garden snails

can you buy garden snails

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  • Are garden snails good pets to have?

  • Garden snails are one of the easiest and cheapest pets to locate, since they are often present in large numbers eating the plants in your yard. While they do require feeding and watering at least every other day, they are easy to take care of if you understand what they need.

  • Where to buy snails in Europe?

  • Snails House is one of the largest farms in Europe. It offers you a unique opportunity to purchase bulks of quality and environmentally clean snails. Due to specialized containers for transportation, live snails from 鈥淪nails House鈥?can be transported to any country.

  • What is the best feed for live snails?

  • Spirulina Powder Feed for Live Land Snails 40grm 100% . Helix favourite feed 50 Live Land Snails!Great Pets for Education or Entertainment for All Ages!

  • Can you put snails in a container?

  • Find snails to put in your container. Garden snails are almost always safe to handle, but it’s a good idea to wash your hands before and after touching them to minimize the chance of harm to your or your snail. If you do not want to touch the snails, wear gloves.

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