can you buy garden snails

can you buy garden snails

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Remoteness from large cities favorably affects the quality of their meat and increase in population.You can buy live snails online and garden snails, both for restaurants and for further breeding. Each bulk has appropriate quality certificates.

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  • Where to buy or find land snails?

  • Many people enjoy keeping pet land snails. In this blog we will explain where to buy or find land snails. One of the easiest ways to acquire land snails is by finding them outside in gardens and parks. You can typically find them hiding under leaves or in bushes.

  • Can You Keep Garden snails as pets?

  • You can keep garden snails as pets. However, it is not recommended to simply go outside and find a snail. Many wild snails have parasites, which are often untreatable. They don鈥檛 make anti-parasitic medication for snails.

  • What is the best feed for live snails?

  • Spirulina Powder Feed for Live Land Snails 40grm 100% . Helix favourite feed 50 Live Land Snails!Great Pets for Education or Entertainment for All Ages!

  • What kind of snails are in the starter kit?

  • 鈥婳THER SNAILS/SLUGS 鈥婼TARTER KIT Achatina Snails Achatina Albino Jade Fulica Baby Snail 5.00 Giant African Land Snail -Achatina Albino Jade Fulica Baby Snail Current size – 3cm shell length Age – Hatched June, captive bred in the UK Care – 21 – 24 degrees, medium humidity Can grow into a medium sized snail More care information

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