can you have a garden snail as a pet

can you have a garden snail as a pet

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  • Can you have a pet snail?

  • A pet snail is a great low maintenance house guest. It costs very little to set up a simple snail habitat so you can observe these cute gastropods at close quarters. Many people are surprised to discover how endearing a pet snail is! But some regions, including the U.S. have strict regulations about keeping non-native snail species as pets.

  • How to build a pet snail house?

  • The soil and substrate for a pet snail house can have as many as 3 layers. The bottom layer should be filled with a thin layer of gravel 鈥?for drainage. Above the gravel, add some soil 鈥?even the regular soil from your garden will do. Then atop the soil layer, add the substrates.

  • Where do you get snails for a tank?

  • It can come from a pet store or even from your backyard. Most snails owners usually layer the tank bottom. For example, add a layer of garden pebbles or fish rocks to the bottom of the tank. On top of that, add soil or dirt, then add a thin layer of grass or leaves.

  • What do you feed your snails?

  • These are our first snails. We have been feeding them cucumber and lettuce. They seem to prefer the cucumber. Parent: At first I was nervous about germs/diseases but after my daughter had researched (thanks) we were reasured that they make great pets.

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