can you have a garden snail as a pet

can you have a garden snail as a pet

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Native snails can be easily found in gardens and wooded areas and are probably your best bet for your first pet snail.Popular snails like the Giant African Snail,Decollate snails,giant Ghana tiger snails,and margies are all illegal in the US.Snails can live anywhere from 3-15 years in captivity. …More items…

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  • Can you have a pet snail?

  • A pet snail is a great low maintenance house guest. It costs very little to set up a simple snail habitat so you can observe these cute gastropods at close quarters. Many people are surprised to discover how endearing a pet snail is! But some regions, including the U.S. have strict regulations about keeping non-native snail species as pets.

  • How to build a pet snail house?

  • The soil and substrate for a pet snail house can have as many as 3 layers. The bottom layer should be filled with a thin layer of gravel 鈥?for drainage. Above the gravel, add some soil 鈥?even the regular soil from your garden will do. Then atop the soil layer, add the substrates.

  • Are garden snails edible?

  • The garden snail is edible, but it is not the 鈥渆scargot鈥?variety. The snail is one of the slowest creatures on earth. The garden snail is considered a pest by farmers as it eats the stems and leaves of many crops. The garden snail can be a great pet. It is clean, quiet, and never has to be walked.

  • What do snails need to live in their tank?

  • So you need to mimic that in their tank by adding live plants. Mosses and ferns are the most popular choice because they don鈥檛 need much natural light. Which means you aren鈥檛 tied to keeping your pet snail habitat near a window (where it is also at risk of getting too hot, and too dry 鈥?especially if there鈥檚 a working radiator nearby).

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