can you put a raised garden bed on grass

can you put a raised garden bed on grass

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  • Can I set up a raised garden bed on my lawn?

  • Can I set up raised beds on lawn? Raised beds can be set up directly on lawn with little or no preparation. Beds 11 inches and taller are generally deep enough to smother buried grass before it can reach the surface. All that is needed, in this case, is to level the ground before setting up the planter.

  • Can You Mountain a raised bed on grass?

  • All you need to do now is to plant your vegetable, and in no short time, you will have a flourishing garden bed. Another factor you must consider when mountain a raised bed on grass is the location. It is not advisable to put a raised bed just anywhere on the lawn.

  • Will weeds grow through raised bed soil?

  • Before putting your raised bed garden in your area of selection you need to take care of some important factors. Is your area is cleaned of grass and most importantly weed? If not, grass and weed will grow through the inches of your raised bed soil. That will be a big headache for you.

  • Do you put soil over grass to grow plants?

  • The bed is four years old. When you put a foot or more of soil over grass, the grass dies, and eventually it becomes part of the soil. Yes. The local community garden here in Oregon uses the method described by the gurgler laying down three layers of cardboard, then compost at about 8-12 inches.

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