can you put mulch in a vegetable garden

can you put mulch in a vegetable garden

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  • Does mulch prevent weeds in vegetable gardens?

  • Mulching a vegetable garden has many benefits, and using it to control weeds is a major one. But not only does it prevent weeds, it also prevents water evaporation. A thick layer of mulch helps to keep the soil moist longer, which means less watering.

  • What is the best type of mulch for vegetable gardens?

  • Perhaps one of the most popular mulches to use in the vegetable garden, straw has many of the same useful qualities as pine needles. As long as the flakes of straw are shaken and spread properly, it will avoid matting down and promote water and airflow into the soil, while still suppressing weed growth.

  • Should you add mulch to your garden soil?

  • Adding a layer of mulch over your garden soil will pay off in a multitude of ways by: If a genetically engineered commercial product did as much, it would be patented, hailed as a miracle of science, promoted in all of the garden magazines and sold for a hefty price. Yet mulch does all of these things and more and costs next to nothing.

  • Do I need to remove garden mulch before tilling?

  • Beds in the vegetable garden need to be dug and planted every year, and heavy garden mulches would need to be removed before tilling or they get in the way, which adds much more work. My vegetable garden covered with straw mulch

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