can you scatter human ashes in your garden

can you scatter human ashes in your garden

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  • Can You scatter ashes in the ground?

  • To be very clear this advice only applies if you are putting the ashes in a box/urn and burying them in the ground. Due to the way the law is written the following advice doesn’t apply to the scattering of ashes. The Environment Agency restrictions only apply when burying a body. This is because as a body would have the potential to pollute water.

  • Where can I spread my loved one鈥檚 ashes?

  • You can spread your loved one in a scattering garden, also known as a scattering area. Cemeteries and churches may have a designated area for cremated remains to be deposited. There is usually a fee to use the scattering garden. The beauty of a scattering garden is that you can come to this particular spot to pay your respects. 7. Scattering by air

  • What do you do with ashes when someone dies?

  • The ashes can go on top of the casket. As with any scattering, it is important to establish a permanent memorial so survivors have a place to visit, heal, and remember their loved ones in the years to come. 鈼?Water scattering is the process of scattering someone鈥檚 ashes over a body of water like the sea, ocean, lake, etc..

  • Is it bad to plant human ashes?

  • Human ashes are also bad for the environment because unlike plant matter, ashes don鈥檛 decompose. There are a few other problems to consider when thinking about planting in cremation ashes: Cremation ashes may be harmful when placed in the soil or around trees or plants.

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