can you spray weed killer in your garden

can you spray weed killer in your garden

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  • Can You Spray weed killer in a vegetable garden?

  • So yes, you can spray weed killers in a vegetable garden. The real issue though is the type of weed killer used. And that depends on factors such as whether the garden is exclusively organic, the types of vegetables, and how long you want to start planting after spraying the weed killer.

  • What happens if you spray weed killer on trees?

  • Tossing a potent weed killer can quickly kill off other garden vegetation, like trees and shrubs. Damaging your trees from herbicide can not only lead to unsightly problems (like browning leaves) but can also open your trees to become vulnerable to other problems, like pests and diseases.

  • Does herbicide work on both weeds&grass?

  • Some herbicides work only on specific plants, such as broadleaf or grassy weeds. Although these herbicides can help you in your quest to clear the garden area, they aren’t effective against both weeds and grass.

  • Do you have to water in weed killer before applying?

  • Granular weed killers should be applied when the grass is damp and left alone to work for a minimum of 48 hours before you water your lawn. Existing moisture will help the herbicide stick to the weeds. Watering too soon will only serve to wash it away. Most liquid applications don鈥檛 need to be watered in to activate.

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