did melania trump destroy the rose garden

did melania trump destroy the rose garden

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Did not destroy the gardens

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  • Did Melania Trump remove historic roses from the White House rose garden?

  • Social media posts have claimed the first lady removed historic roses and trees from the White House Rose Garden in a recent renovation. First Lady Melania Trump’s 2017 official White House portrait.

  • Did Melania Trump destroy Jackie Kennedy鈥檚 Rose Garden?

  • According to landscape historian Marta McDowell, the author of 鈥淎ll the Presidents鈥?Gardens,鈥?the crab apple trees have already been replaced three times since the original planting in the 1960s. Melania Trump destroyed Jackie Kennedy’s Rose Garden. Think about that.

  • What did Melania Trump鈥檚 White House Garden renovation mean?

  • Melania Trump said that the 2020 renovation 鈥渞eturned the garden to its original 1962 blueprint designed by Bunny Mellon during the Kennedy Administration.鈥?Trump also said that the renovation improved utilities, infrastructure, and added a paved path, increasing access to the garden for people with disabilities. Photo: The White House

  • What happened to the White House rose garden?

  • The White House Rose Garden in 2014 under the presidency of Obama. The rose garden was known in part for its crabapple trees, which were removed and will be replanted elsewhere on the White House grounds.

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