how can cold weather affect plants in a garden

how can cold weather affect plants in a garden

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  • How does cold weather affect the growth of plants?

  • A period of cold weather may also alter plant growth, as when certain vegetables 鈥渂olt,鈥?or produce seed stalks, in response to several days at low temperatures. Another type of injury occurs if the temperature falls below freezing (32deg; F, 0 C). Below 32 F, the water within and between the plant鈥檚 cells freezes.

  • How does warm weather affect a tree’s hardiness?

  • A few days of warm weather in mid or late winter can reduce plant cold hardiness significantly. Once cold hardiness is lost from mid or late winter warming, the plant cannot return to the same level of hardiness. If mild winter temperatures prevail, damage is unlikely. However, should severe temperatures occur, the tree will likely be damaged.

  • Why do plants die in the winter?

  • Plants on higher locations become victim to cold winds and sunscald caused by exposure to winter sun. Often the damage is not noticeable until spring growth returns. For this reason, considering plants鈥?growth and temperatures they will be encountering is an important factor when locating plants.

  • How do vegetables respond to cold weather?

  • Some vegetables, such as the cole crops (cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower) and onion sets, respond to cold weather by producing a seed stalk. This process, called 鈥渂olting,鈥?occurs when young plants are exposed to low temperatures for several days.

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