how do i get rid of ants from my garden

how do i get rid of ants from my garden

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Boiling water

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  • How to kill ants in garden soil?

  • To use peppermint essential oil for ants, mix 15 drops in 2 cups of water. Spray this natural ant repellent around plants and crop areas. 4. Borax and Sugar This is a highly sought-after remedy for those seeking how to kill ants in garden soil. Borax is safe to use around plants and inside the house; however, it is toxic to many insect pests.

  • How do I get rid of red ants in my house?

  • Cinnamon Oil Cinnamon essential oil is an easy and effective home remedy to deter red ants. They can鈥檛 stand the smell and will avoid coming near it. Mix a few drops of the oil in water and spray on ants trails, around garden beds, or on cracks in your home.

  • How do you use borax to kill ants outside?

  • For this Borax ant killer recipe for outside, mix the warm water and sugar until dissolved. Add the Borax, and allow it to dissolve, as well. Soak the cotton balls in the solution, and let them dry. Place the cotton balls around the garden and near traffic areas and ant hills.

  • How do you make Soapy water to kill ants?

  • You can make soapy water with several recipes. Some recipes require baking soda, vinegar, apple cider, and peppermint oil. However, tap water and eco-friendly soap works just fine on ants. To make a 2% insecticide spray, add one spoonful of soap and a quarter gallon of water.

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