how do i keep chipmunks away from my garden

how do i keep chipmunks away from my garden

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Sprinkle chili powder around it

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  • How do you get rid of Chipmunks in your yard?

  • The best kind of chipmunk repellent is a hot pepper spray that will create an unpleasant smell for any animal who walks into it and it won鈥檛 harm any other critters in your area. Do dryer sheets repel chipmunks? Surprisingly, dryer sheets will repel chipmunks if you place them around your yard.

  • Does chili powder repel Chipmunks?

  • Well, it could wind up being used as an effective deterrent that will make chipmunks want to stay away. Many people have had good luck with sprinkling chili powder near flower beds and garden areas to deter chipmunks. You can also use other hot spices such as cayenne pepper if you don鈥檛 happen to have chili powder right now.

  • What do Chipmunks like to eat in the garden?

  • Chipmunks like all kinds of nuts and seeds, flower bulbs, and tree bark, says Sabine H. Schoenberg, a home and garden expert and the CEO of Smart. Healthy. Green. Living. During the dry months, they often shred leaves to get to the moisture in the plants.

  • How to keep Chipmunks out of owl boxes?

  • Owls are a natural predator for chipmunks. Place an owl box near your yard to attract a real owl, or place a decoy of an owl in your yard to scare away the chipmunks. An owl box is simply a manmade home for owls to nest.

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