how do i keep my chickens out of my garden

how do i keep my chickens out of my garden

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Fence them out

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  • How do you get rid of chickens in the garden?

  • Using citrus rinds and juice is a low-cost solution to keep chickens away. Simply save your leftover orange, lemon, and lime peels. Place the peels along the edge of the garden.

  • Do you put netting around your garden to keep chickens away?

  • The netting especially seems to freak my ducks out. They walk into it and spaz out which scares the chickens. I don’t do flowers but I have expanded my vegie garden this year. I put a fence around it to keep the chooks away.

  • Should I keep chickens in my backyard or outside?

  • If you have a lot of flower beds and landscaping, or if you simply don鈥檛 want your chickens roaming freely around your yard, keeping them contained to their own yard is a good solution. An enclosed chicken run also protects the birds from predators like cats, foxes and hawks.

  • Do herbs keep chickens away?

  • You may see some of your chickens taste-testing these plants, but the flavor may quickly deter your chickens. If you densely plant these herbs in your garden, or around it, your chickens will turn their beaks and head off in the other direction.

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