how do i keep my chickens out of my garden

how do i keep my chickens out of my garden

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Fence them out

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  • How to keep chickens out of your yard?

  • Using citrus rinds and juice is a low-cost solution to keep chickens away. Simply save your leftover orange, lemon, and lime peels. Place the peels along the edge of the garden. You can try adding some juice as well but you鈥檒l need to reapply after every rain.

  • Do herbs keep chickens away?

  • You may see some of your chickens taste-testing these plants, but the flavor may quickly deter your chickens. If you densely plant these herbs in your garden, or around it, your chickens will turn their beaks and head off in the other direction.

  • Do I need a fence for my chickens?

  • Fencing will give you peace of mind. You know fat little hens can鈥檛 fly over a fence, so you can allow your hens to find their own veggies and proteins without invading your garden. Really, fencing is a win-win. Oh, and you can be sure to keep other garden-loving critters out with fencing, like peter rabbit and his posse, for example.

  • What attracts chickens to a garden?

  • Chickens are attracted to bare patches of ground. If you keep the ground of your garden densely covered but have a separate area of bare ground within view, most chickens will leave the garden behind and gravitate toward the uncovered soil. Clear a square space roughly 1 yard (91.4 cm) long and 1 yard (91.4 cm) wide.

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