how do you store garden potatoes

how do you store garden potatoes

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  • How do you store potatoes so they last for months?

  • Many old-time gardeners and allotment holders keep their potatoes so they last for months by simply piling them into a hole in the ground, which is often insulated with straw or dried leaves and soil to keep it cool yet frost-free. [source]

  • How do you harvest and preserve a potato crop?

  • The tops of potato plants need to brown off and die back before harvesting for storage. When green like above, potatoes can be dug, but need to be consumed within a few weeks. Here is a look at the simple basics of harvesting and preserving a potato crop. When you harvest your potatoes makes a big difference in how they will store.

  • Can potatoes be stored in old pantyhose?

  • My friend stores her onions in the garage inside old pantyhose, with a knot between each one. Can potatoes be stored this way? Sure, as long as the room is very dark and in the right temperature range. Pantyhose would allow for great ventilation. Don’t store the potatoes near onions, though.

  • Can you store potatoes in a plastic bin?

  • Always do a visual inspection of every single potato before it goes into a wood or plastic bin in your root cellar. Storing just one or a few bruised or damaged potatoes in a bin can cause that rot to spread to the other healthy potatoes in the same bin in a fairly short amount of time.

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