how do you store garden potatoes

how do you store garden potatoes

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  • How should potatoes be stored?

  • Brush off any large clumps of dirt from the surface of the potato and store them according to the directions above (this will require you to lower the temperature slightly). Don’t wash potatoes before storage.

  • How do you harvest and preserve a potato crop?

  • The tops of potato plants need to brown off and die back before harvesting for storage. When green like above, potatoes can be dug, but need to be consumed within a few weeks. Here is a look at the simple basics of harvesting and preserving a potato crop. When you harvest your potatoes makes a big difference in how they will store.

  • How do you preserve potatoes in the winter?

  • Place the potatoes where there are moderate temperatures but high humidity for ten days. Clean the potatoes after you dig them up and place in a cardboard box or open paper bags in a room that is 65 F. (18 C.) and humidity up to 95 percent. After the spuds have cured, check them for damage. Remove any that have soft spots, green ends or open cuts.

  • How long can you keep potatoes without cooking them?

  • The exposed flesh of the potato doesn’t keep well compared to the tougher skin. If you can’t cook a bunch of cut potatoes right away, store them under an inch or two of cold water. They will keep for about a day this way without losing their texture or discoloring. Don’t store potatoes near fruit.

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