how far is lake como from lake garda

how far is lake como from lake garda

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150 km (93.2 mi)

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  • How to get to Lake Garda from Lake Como?

  • In general, Lake Garda is quite accessible by car but not as accessible via public transit as Lake Como. If you want to travel independently but don鈥檛 want/can鈥檛 hire a car, then Garda may not be the best option for you.

  • How far is Lake Garda from Venice?

  • Lake Garda is east of Lake Como, so it鈥檚 easier to get to from Venice and Verona. It鈥檚 just a 1.5-hour train ride (or 2-hour drive) from Venice, although Lake Garda is really close from Verona: just a half an hour in the car, or 15 minutes on the train.

  • Where is Lake Como located?

  • Located in northern Italy鈥檚 Lombardy region about 60 kilometres north of Milan, Lake Como has long been associated as the summer playground for the rich and famous. Boasting countless idyllic towns and plenty of fancy villas, Lake Como makes for an excellent place to visit on any trip to the north of Italy.

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