how long to visit garden of the gods

how long to visit garden of the gods

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3-6 hours

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  • How much time should I schedule for the garden of the gods?

  • Re: How much time should I schedule for the Garden of the Gods? For garden of the gods you can drive thru in as little as thirty minutes. If you want to experiance it plan at least two to four hours for walking some of the trails. If possible try early for sunrise or late to watch the sunset.

  • What to do at Garden of the gods National Park?

  • Running races: The Grand Prix of Running holds an annual 5K/5M run, and there鈥檚 the Garden of the Gods 10-Mile Run. The first stop before visiting the park is to visit the Garden of the Gods Visitor Nature Center. It鈥檚 free and has interactive exhibits, shopping, and a movie theater.

  • How many miles of trails are there in Garden of the gods?

  • There are 15 miles worth of trails in Garden of the Gods park. One of the guides at the visitor center who goes by the name 鈥淏oston Larry鈥?hooked us up with some recommendations for visiting the park along with a map of the area.

  • How many acres is Garden of the Gods Colorado Springs?

  • With 1,367 acres of the most striking鈥攁nd most accessible鈥攕cenery in the state, Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs is understandably a magnet for summer tourists. But Coloradans can still enjoy the park, even in peak season, by following this guide.

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