how long was adam in the garden before eve

how long was adam in the garden before eve

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  • How long did Adam live in the garden of Eden?

  • Adam鈥檚 age can help us to gauge an upper limit on how long he and Eve might have spent in the garden. Genesis 5:5 states that 鈥淎ltogether, Adam lived a total of 930 years, and then he died.鈥?We also know from Genesis 1:14 that the world was being measured in times, days and years by this point, so we can take this figure at its face value.

  • How long after creation were Adam and Eve in the garden?

  • The implication by those seeking to squeeze in time after Creation, then, is that Adam and Eve were in the Garden for millions of years prior to even conceiving Cain and Abel. Jesus, however, stated that the blood of Abel was shed at the 鈥渇oundation of the world鈥濃€攏ot millions or billions of years later.

  • Why did God drive Adam and Eve from the garden of Eden?

  • Then God drove Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden and placed an angel with a flaming sword to guard it so they could not return ( Genesis 3:24 ). But God never forsook them. In fact, He had a plan for redemption before He even called the world into existence ( Isaiah 46:10; John 1:1鈥?; Revelation 13:8 ).

  • Were Adam and Eve made in God鈥檚 image?

  • Both Adam and Eve, and all humans today, were made in God鈥檚 image ( Genesis 1:26鈥?7; 5:1 ). Genesis 2 describes Adam and Eve鈥檚 first home鈥攖he Garden of Eden. We read that God planted a garden and placed Adam there to tend it ( Genesis 2:8, 15 ).

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