how long was adam in the garden before eve

how long was adam in the garden before eve

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  • How long did Adam live in the garden of Eden?

  • Adam鈥檚 age can help us to gauge an upper limit on how long he and Eve might have spent in the garden. Genesis 5:5 states that 鈥淎ltogether, Adam lived a total of 930 years, and then he died.鈥?We also know from Genesis 1:14 that the world was being measured in times, days and years by this point, so we can take this figure at its face value.

  • How long did it take to create Adam and Eve?

  • This process normally takes months or years. b) On the sixth 鈥渄ay鈥?Adam was created, went to sleep, named all the (thousands of) animals, looked for a helpmeet, went to sleep, and Eve was created from his rib. This looks like more than 24 hours鈥?worth of activity.

  • Why was Adam and Eve removed from the garden of Eden?

  • It appears this occurred that evening and the announcement of the curse happened quickly. Then time elapsed until God removed them from the garden. Genesis 3:22-24 states that God removed Adam and Eve from the garden of Eden because they had sinned.

  • How many children did Adam and Eve have after the garden?

  • Genesis 4:1-2 reveals that Adam and Eve had two sons after they were removed from the garden and Genesis 4:16-17 indicates that people existed in a region called Nod. It was there that Cain married his wife.

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