how many acres is the chicago botanic garden

how many acres is the chicago botanic garden

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  • What is the Chicago Botanic Garden like?

  • The Chicago Botanic Garden is a gorgeous mix of planned garden beds, natural tallgrass prairie restoration areas, shaded paths, and has a nice cafe to have lunch in.

  • How much does the Chicago botanical garden cost in 2022?

  • Admission fees will be discounted when purchased in advance and will not exceed $23.95 for a Cook County resident adult ticket in 2022, or $25.95 for a non-Cook County resident. The garden is projected to earn about $2 million annually through admission fees based on economic modeling, according to Franczyk.

  • Are there any indoor exhibits at the Botanical Garden?

  • Due to COVID-19, all indoor exhibits are off-limits. No idea what things will be like in the coming winter or spring. In normal times, there are greenhouses and buildings to visit, year round. Check the Botanic Garden website for up-to-date information..

  • How much time to spend at the Botanical Garden?

  • You could easily spend an entire afternoon or morning there. The Garden is spacious, it has different gardens laid out in different areas. I have been there twice, for about 2 hours each, and we focused on several gardens each time. We could have spent more time there, exploring all the areas.

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