how many can madison square garden hold

how many can madison square garden hold

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  • How many seats does Madison Square Garden hold?

  • The original Madison Square Garden opened in 1879 near Madison Square Park and had a seating capacity of 10,000.

  • How can Madison Square Garden help people with disabilities?

  • What else can we help you with? Madison Square Garden has the following available for people with disabilities: wheelchair, designated aisle transfer and companion seats, accessible restrooms and assisted listening services.

  • When did Madison Square Garden open its doors?

  • On February 11, 1968, the current Madison Square Garden opened its doors and has been creating irreplacable memories ever since. On October 25, 2013, Madison Square Garden began a new chapter in its celebrated history, with the completion of its three-year Transformation.

  • Who has sold out Madison Square Garden the fastest?

  • In 1990, Andrew Dice Clay became the only comedian in history to sell out Madison Square Garden two nights in a row. Justin Bieber claims the record for selling out Madison Square Garden the fastest of any artist. Two shows for his 2012 Believe tour sold out in 30 seconds.

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