how many levels are there in lily’s garden

how many levels are there in lily’s garden

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Lily鈥檚 Garden Walkthrough Day 2 As so far, you come to know that each day contains up to10Levels to complete. Each completed level rewards you a star, which you have to use for the completion of the task.

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  • What is the highest level in Lily鈥檚 Garden?

  • Keeping this in mind, we can say that, at current, the highest level in Lily鈥檚 Garden is 6690. With new levels getting introduced every five to six days. Lily鈥檚 Garden is a decorating and matching game currently available on Android, iOS, and PC platforms.

  • What is the point of the game lily’s garden?

  • Lily’s Garden is a mobile puzzle game developed and released by Tactile Games. Lily has inherited her Great-Aunt Mary’s house and extensive grounds but there is a catch: she has 30 days to restore them if she wants to keep the inheritance. As the player solves levels to restore the gardens, the narrative plays out at each step.

  • How often does Lily鈥檚 Garden introduce new levels?

  • Similar to mobile games like Candy Crush and a few others, Lily鈥檚 Garden introduces new levels on almost a weekly basis. Because of this, we have many Lily鈥檚 Garden enthusiasts who want to know how many levels are there in Lily鈥檚 Garden? How many levels are there in Lily鈥檚 Garden?

  • How many tiles do you need to complete Level 3 of Lily?

  • Lily鈥檚 Garden Walkthrough Day 1 Level 1 (Gather 20 Yellow-colored Tiles) 鈥?Fix Mailbox Level 2 (Gather 15 Blue, Yellow, and Pink-colored tiles) 鈥?Tie up Area Level 3 (Gather 20 Yellow and Pink-colored Tiles) 鈥?Layout Flowerbed

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