how much do olive garden bussers make

how much do olive garden bussers make

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  • How much do bussers get paid?

  • The biggest factor in determining opportunities and pay for bussers was the type of employer. Restaurants and other eating establishments hired almost two-thirds of the total 395,750 workers, and paid a mean $18,960 per year, or $9.12 per hour.

  • How much does a bus boy make a year?

  • The average bus boy wage reported on was slightly higher, ranging from 鈥?$9 鈥?to 鈥?$12 鈥? They also pointed out that earnings depended on the worker鈥檚 experience, additional skills, type of business and the area of the country that they worked in.

  • What are the duties of a busser?

  • They explain that bussers normally prepare dining rooms by cleaning off and setting tables. The work includes replacing and placing plates, utensils, tablecloths, napkins, condiments, candles and other decorations. Bussers also keep menus clean, and might also write up the daily specials on chalkboards or dry erase boards.

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