how much to water a garden vegetable

how much to water a garden vegetable

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1 to 6 inches

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  • How much water does a vegetable garden need?

  • A general guideline for watering your vegetable garden is to give it an inch of water per week, so preferably once a week. In arid climates, you should give it 2 inches. You will need to give them inch per week for every 10 degrees above 60 degrees.

  • How often should I water my houseplant?

  • If your plants in the ground (versus a pot), the general rule is that plants need one inch of water per week. However, this does NOT mean watering one time per week. That doesn鈥檛 usually do the job. Plants do best when watered about three times a week, factoring in the rain. If the plants are seedlings, water twice a day until established.

  • How do you calculate the amount of water for a garden?

  • Convert the garden dimensions from feet to square feet (length width), and square feet to acres. Convert the water needs determined previously from inches to gallons. Determine the run time needed to apply the number of gallons of water.

  • How much water do I put in my containers?

  • Mark 1 inch up from the bottom on the can. When 1 inch of water from rain or irrigation collects in the containers, that indicates that 1 inch of water was applied to the garden. Again, don鈥檛 just rely on the 鈥渙ne inch鈥?guideline. If the soil is dry an inch beneath the surface, your garden probably needs watering.

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