how to add mulch to vegetable garden

how to add mulch to vegetable garden

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Apply the mulch. Using a spade, trowel, or just your hands, apply around a 5 cm layer of your chosen mulch. 5 cm should be sufficient to suppress most weeds, but some unwanted plants with deep roots may still break through. As long as you pull them out as soon as you see them, you should be able to keep them at bay long enough for them to die off.

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  • What is the best way to mulch a vegetable garden?

  • Mulching veggie beds with inorganic items are useful if you set them on landscape fabric so you can retrieve the mulch and prevent it from mixing in with your soil. These might include: Organic vegetable garden mulching options require less preparation.

  • Should you leave the mulch in the garden?

  • Leaving off the mulch will allow the warming rays of the sun to warm the soil. The beauty of using mulch in the garden is that, as a natural material, it will add nutrients to your soil as it breaks down. But because it breaks down, you will have to add more mulch from time to time.

  • What are the benefits of mulching vegetables?

  • A thick layer of mulch helps to keep the soil moist longer, which means less watering. Mulching vegetables also keeps the soil and roots cooler so plants are less susceptible to drought conditions in the heat of the summer.

  • Does mulch kill weeds in a vegetable garden?

  • Yes! In fact, one of the best ways to control weeds in the garden is to add a thick layer of mulch over the soil. It鈥檚 standard practice to use mulch for weed control in flower gardens and other landscaped areas, but many people skip the vegetable garden.

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