how to attract honey bees to your vegetable garden

how to attract honey bees to your vegetable garden

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Planting flowers

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  • What attracts bees to your backyard?

  • Bees do the bulk of pollinating work in a garden. It鈥檚 thanks to bees that flowers get pollinated and grow into fruit. That鈥檚 why it just makes sense to develop a plan for attracting bees to your backyard. Installing flowering plants that attract bees is an important step when creating a honeybee garden.

  • How do I keep bees out of my vegetable garden?

  • While this arrangement ensures an attractive garden, it also prevents native bees from finding a welcoming home in your yard. Leave roughly half of your garden beds unmulched to attract the pollinating female bees, and they’ll look to your nearby vegetable garden for pollen.

  • What do honey bees do for your garden?

  • Honey bees help your garden grow beautiful. Having bees buzzing around to act as pollinators brings life to the yard and makes flowers and other plants lush and abundant.

  • What plants do bees like the most?

  • Berries, melons, squash, cucumbers, and fruit trees, especially cherry trees, all produce fragrant flowers and fruit that are attractive to bees. Bees are beneficial to these plants, so providing them in your garden will be a treat for you both. Bees adore these fruits and vegetables: Plant herbs that attract bees.

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