how to avoid squirrels in garden

how to avoid squirrels in garden

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Electric fencing

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  • How to keep squirrels out of your garden?

  • One of the easiest ways to keep squirrels out of your garden is to add bulbs and plants they don鈥檛 like to eat. Consider plants like hyacinth, daffodils, allium, geraniums, peppermint, and lily of the valley.

  • Do squirrels dig holes in plants?

  • Squirrels are often one of the most noticeable pests in your garden. Not only will they get into your berries and veggies, but squirrels also love to dig holes and chew on leaves. Unfortunately, most people can鈥檛 handle that sort of damage to their flowers. So what鈥檚 the best way to keep squirrels out of your garden?

  • Do squirrels cause damage to your yard?

  • Whether you like it or not, squirrels are a part of our world, but they cause damage as they search for food. It鈥檚 not uncommon for these pesky rodents to take up residence in your yard, foraging for food in everything from your garden to your bird feeder, to your outside pet food containers.

  • What do squirrels like to eat in the garden?

  • Some popular garden treats for squirrels include tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, squash, and beans. If you see golf-ball-sized or smaller holes in your planting beds, it’s more than likely you have squirrels digging around in your garden.

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