how to build a cantlin garden

how to build a cantlin garden

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  • What is The Cantlin Garden in Dragon Quest Builders?

  • – Dragon Quest Builders QA for PlayStation 4 – GameFAQs Cantlin Garden? Log In to add custom notes to this or any other game. Cantlin Garden? Magnus gives you a hint for a room he’d like which he describes as (paraphrasing): A nice little courtyard with flowers and a pond.

  • How hard is it to build a Cantlin garden?

  • Easily the trickiest part of building the Cantlin Garden is having 8 blocks of water. Cantlin is on high ground, and since water only exists below ground level, you would have to spend hours building a basement garden if you hoped to fit it in your Base.

  • How do you make water in Cantlin?

  • How do you even make water in Cantlin and how many of which kinds of flowers do I need? For the water, you can either build it near a water source thats already present since you can build rooms outside the light area (tho it won’t contribute to town level), or dig a channel from some water to your town.

  • What is the city of Cantlin famous for?

  • Cantlin is most famous for it’s heavy fortifications and for being guarded by a golem in the original game. It was recently featured in Dragon Quest Builders as the starting city, followed by Rimuldar . The city of Cantlin is typically the last city the player visits due to it’s distance from Tantegel and the strength of the surrounding monsters.

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