how to catch a hedgehog in my garden

how to catch a hedgehog in my garden

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You can catch a hedgehog using different types oftraps. Place them near fence lines,along hedges or alongside a fallen tree,in order to eliminate the possibility of the hedgehog going around the trap.

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  • How do I get rid of hedgehogs in my garden?

  • Keep an eye on rubbish in the garden. Many plastic items can trap or cut hedgehogs, so remove any netting, plastic cups, large necked bottles, pots and barbed wire from the garden is possible. If you have a pond, make sure you provide platforms and sloped routes out of the water.

  • How do you catch a hedgehog?

  • You can catch a hedgehog using different types of traps, be they professional or homemade ones. Tunnel design traps can be used, and they can be disguised within a wooden tunnel box or the grassy area where the creatures usually roam.

  • Do you have a Hedgehog in your garden?

  • Hedgehogs are one of our most loved wild animals here in the UK. But their numbers are in decline, and they are not the common sight they used to be. So it鈥檚 a real treat to realise that you have one in the garden. How do you know you have a hedgehog in the garden? You might see it, but as they come out at night, they can be tricky to spot.

  • What do hedgehogs like to eat?

  • Never feed hedgehogs milk or bread. They can’t digest them – it upsets their stomachs. A particular favourite is hedgehog food, complete cat biscuits or meaty cat or dog food. Hedgehogs like to move from garden to garden and it鈥檚 useful to help give them openings between boundaries.

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