how to connect garden hose to hose reel

how to connect garden hose to hose reel

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To install the hose on the reel,wind it around the reel. Slowly spin the reel counterclockwise if you鈥檙e working from the left side and clockwise if you鈥檙e working from the right. Pre-winding a hose reel is a safe,convenient,and effective way to deploy a garden hose.

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  • How to replace a garden hose reel?

  • Start assembling the hose reel if it needs to be replaced, too. Insert the rubber or vinyl washer of the hose coupling on the female end of the new garden hose. This will allow the watertight seal against the coupling of the drum. If there is a guide opening on the hose reel, insert the female end of the hose through this opening.

  • How do you hook up a hose reel to a faucet?

  • Thread a screw to one end of the female connector located on the inner drum of the hose reel. Make sure to tighten it up well. Then, attach the other end of the hose to the faucet. While you also need to ensure this is tight enough, be careful not to place too much pressure on it since it’s plastic.

  • How do you connect a garden hose to a drum?

  • Take the female end connector of the new garden hose and feed it through the guide opening on the reel and screw it onto the water coupling connection on the drum. Tighten the fitting using pliers to ensure a leak-free connection, but take care not to overtighten, as you can strip out the threads or break any plastic components.

  • How do you attach a rubber washer to a hose reel?

  • After you鈥檝e worked out the male and female fittings, place the rubber washer into the bottom of the hose attachment on the female connector鈥檚 end so that the drum of the hose reel has a watertight fitting. In case you鈥檙e having trouble working out which is the female connector, it鈥檚 generally the one horizontal to the ground.

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