how to connect garden lights to cable

how to connect garden lights to cable

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Plug the transformer’s power cord into the outlet. Next, connect each light fixture to the cable. Most landscape lighting fixtures come prewired with easy-to-use snap-on connectors. Simply pinch the connector onto the cable. Sharp prongs inside the connectors pierce the cable and make contact with the wires.

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  • Does cabling lose voltage when connected to led garden lights?

  • Cable loses voltage according to its length and the number power of garden lights you connect to it; this is rarely a problem with led garden lighting as it consumes much less power than halogen lighting, but it is good practice to keep low voltage cable runs as short as possible to optimise the performance of your garden lights.

  • How do I Power my Garden Lights?

  • ou can power your garden lights from a spur off a ring circuit, via a 5 amp fused connection unit. Once outdoors, you should supply your lights via 1.5mm three core steel-wire-armoured cable (SWA). Make sure that you only fit weatherproof lights that are suitable for outdoor use and that your circuit is RCD-protected.

  • Where do I run the cable for my garden lights?

  • The cable is usually run under bark or gravel mulch to aid flexibility in locating garden lights, but we recommend the same cable for use under decking and over pergolas to resist condensation as well as rain.

  • How do you connect outdoor lights to conduit?

  • When fitting lights outdoors make sure you only fit weatherproof lights that are especially designed for outdoor use. Drill a hole where you want your light to go, so it runs downhill slightly towards the outside. Then line the hole with plastic conduit and feed the cable through.

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