how to cottage garden

how to cottage garden

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Although the whole point of a cottage garden is that there are no rules or guidelines,these tips can help as you get started:Start small. An expansive cottage garden can look like an untended garden; you can always add more later if you decide to. Keep a bit of lawn to break things up and avoid straight lines in planning your garden plot.

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  • How do you make a cottage garden look good?

  • An expansive cottage garden can look like an untended garden. You need a good mix of plants, to keep it from looking blurred or jumbled. Avoid straight lines. Start by planting large clumps, so it’s not just a jumble. Repeat both plants and colors, to create a flow and harmony. Don’t forget to add tall plants.

  • What can you plant in a small cottage garden?

  • Add some productive plants among the profusion in a cottage garden design, such as a self-fertile dwarf fruit tree, vegetables and herbs. 鈥業nclude plants that flower repeatedly, really earning their place when space is limited,鈥?suggests Rosy Hardy.

  • What is a cottage garden and what are the benefits?

  • Cottage gardens are ideal for plant lovers since they鈥檙e often a sweets shop array of flowering plants and textures. If you鈥檙e the kind of person who buys plants without quite knowing where to plant them, then this style could be perfect for you. Squeezing plants in and seeing if they鈥檒l take is part of the fun.

  • What are the rules of cottage gardening?

  • 1. Make your own cottage garden rules Today, cottage gardening is more of an ethos than a set of rules to be followed. It’s about embracing nature’s beauty and intricacies, rather than forcing it to conform. Rambling, rather than rigid. Imperfectly charming, rather than perfectly chic.

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