how to cover an ugly garden wall

how to cover an ugly garden wall

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Hanging plantsto hide an ugly wall in the garden On a drystone wall or to dress an old pebble wall, you can choose hanging plants that offer seasonal blooms. They root easily in the more or less wide joints of the wall.

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  • How do you hide ugly walls in a house?

  • 10 Innovative Ideas For Hiding Ugly Walls 1 Wallpapering. Although not a recommended solution for a damp wall, an innovative wallpaper works well for covering up stains such as pen marks, dirt or grime on the walls. 2 Cladding. … 3 Green surfaces. … 4 Creating Theatre. … 5 Panelling. … 6 Covering-up. … 7 Brightening. …

  • Is an ugly garden wall taking away from your garden?

  • Houzz Contributor based in Sydney and co-owner of Outdoor Establishments. I just love anything to do with gardens! Be it outdated brick, old damaged render or deteriorating treated pine, an ugly garden wall can be an eyesore that takes away from your otherwise perfect garden.

  • How to cover up a patchy wall?

  • A quick fix for covering up a patchy wall or flaking paint inside a room is to place a shelf or cabinet against it. Using a bookshelf in the living room not only adds a cosy touch but also helps to block the ugly wall from direct view.

  • How do you cover up Ugly spots on a veranda?

  • Sometimes it just takes a bit of creativity to cover up a few small cracks and stains. In this beautifully designed veranda, the use of mirrors, bead curtains and wall hangings to hide ugly spots adds a rustic ambiance. The artefacts create a charming backdrop for the seating, presenting a theatrical element when viewed from the road.

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