how to create a small secret garden

how to create a small secret garden

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To create a slightly wild,secret garden feeling in urban courtyards where you have limited bed space,plant a vine in the ground or a large container. Let a trailing climber,such as wisteria,honeysuckle or a climbing rose,ramble up the sides of buildings and cloak the area with foliage and flowers.

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  • What is a secret garden and how to create one?

  • A secret garden is a small area in your backyard. This is the spot where you can relax. You鈥檒l just sit there and enjoy the calmness of the evening away from the hustle of your day to day life. Backyard secret garden ideas do not actually require too much space. Most often, you鈥檒l only need a space for your chair, plants and perhaps, a few fences.

  • What makes a secret garden feel like a magical retreat?

  • Subtle, glowing landscape lighting is the icing on the cake for making a secret garden feel like a magical retreat. Select lights that are small and subdued, rather than bright flood lights 鈥?we鈥檙e going for the look of fairy lights and not a football stadium, after all.

  • How do you make a secret garden feel Cozy?

  • This little patch is bursting with low-growing shrubs, giving it a cozy vibe. Adding to the secret-garden atmosphere is a little wooden arch and that almost-buried bench at the end. The lesson here: For a sense of seclusion in a wild, cottage-style garden, pack 鈥檈m in and avoid overly structured plants. 8. Make fencing a feature.

  • How can I Make my Garden look nice without building?

  • Raise a roof. A pergola with a solid roof, rather than plants, will give you a year-round extra room. Simply add fairy lights and outdoor heating or a fire bowl, and grow climbers up support poles. 3. Plant slim trees with bushy tops. To avoid being overlooked by houses at the far end of a garden, how about this neat idea?

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