how to cut collard greens from the garden

how to cut collard greens from the garden

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How to Cut Collard Greens into StripsPlace washed collard greens on a cutting board. Fold each green in half lengthwise,over the stem running through the middle. …After you remove all of the stems,stack several leaves on top of each other in a neat pile. Starting at the bottom of the leaves,roll them up tightly.Slice the leaves perpendicular to the roll into thin strips. This technique is called chiffonade,and you may be familiar with using it to cut basil or other greens.

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  • How do you cut collard greens?

  • For centuries, collard greens have been cut by simply ripping them. Just grab a hold of a handful of leaves with one hand and tear bite-sized pieces off with the other.

  • Can you plant collard greens in the fall?

  • Collard greens are a cool weather crop. Planting in late summer or early fall so they can beat the heat and grow well. When the soil temperature reaches 45 F (7 C), it is warm enough for collards to sprout. Dig out rows in the soil if you are planting the collards in the ground.

  • How to care for collard greens?

  • Collard Green Care 1 Light. Collard greens prefer to grow in full sun but will tolerate some shade. … 2 Soil. Collards prefer rich soil with lots of organic material, with a pH level of 6.5 to 6.8. 3 Water. Keep the plants well-watered and harvest regularly to keep them sending out new leaves. … 4 Temperature and Humidity. … 5 Fertilizer. …

  • How long does it take for collard greens to grow?

  • Eating your collards even helps to lower your bad cholesterol. Collards can be planted in early spring for early summer harvest, or in late/summer or early fall for a late fall harvest. Most varieties are ready to harvest in 55 to 75 days. You can start collard plants from seed or nursery transplants.

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