how to design a garden with rocks

how to design a garden with rocks

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One gorgeous way to use rocks in your landscaping designs is to create aMediterranean-style garden with sweet-smelling plants and flowers and herbs. For your Mediterranean dry rock garden, choose plants that work well with your climate so that they grow naturally with minimal maintenance.

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  • How do you plant rocks in a rock garden?

  • Rock garden plants tend to be smaller to complement the scale of the rocks. Use perennials, ornamental grasses and small shrubs to add vertical height. Creeping groundcovers will soften the appearance of the hard rocks. Add sturdy bulbs such as narcissus, wild tulips and alliums for contrast.

  • What are some fun DIY garden projects with rocks?

  • 23 Fun DIY Garden Projects with Rocks. 1 1. Cute Fruit and Veggie Garden Markers. DIY Project Details: 2 2. DIY River Rock Garden Sculpture. 3 3. DIY Garden Spiral for Small Spaces. 4 4. Painted Rock Hello Front Door Decoration.

  • What makes a rock garden look good?

  • Details will make a rock garden all the more enjoyable. As time goes on, find little holes or bare spots to fill in with more rock or plants. Once you have everything in place, enjoy your labor.

  • How do you design a rock landscape?

  • Use a few well-placed larger rocks as primary focal points to anchor the space and install those first. Allow space between the rocks for plants to grow. Smaller complementary stones or gravel placed around the larger rocks will unify the design. Keep color in mind. Select larger rocks in lighter hues so the landscape doesn鈥檛 feel dark and heavy.

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