how to deter snakes from your garden

how to deter snakes from your garden

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Therefore,one great way to deter garden snakes is toadd a top layer of a rough,sharp mulchto your garden beds that they鈥檒l find uninviting. Use natural materials,such as pine cones,sharp rocks,eggshells,or holly leaves,and lay out a surface that no snake would choose to slither across.

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  • How to get rid of snakes around your house?

  • Cayenne pepper is another possible home remedy for keeping snakes away, as the strong odor they produce can often prevent them from coming too close to your home. The logical way of going about this would be to sprinkle cayenne pepper on the ground around your home and along walkways.

  • What is the best plant that will keep snakes away?

  • Think allium , herbs , etc. Society garlic is an ideal example. Another great plant is lemongrass , which releases the citronella oil and has a strong lemon-like fragrance. Most of these smelly plants are also pretty and useful, and could make good snake repelling plants.

  • Is it dangerous to have snakes in your yard?

  • The snakes that are in your yard are not dangerous to your family or pets, but there are just a few steps from the garden to your property. So, getting rid of snakes that are in the garden is of top importance as well.

  • Does lemongrass repel snakes?

  • As if you needed any more reasons to add lemongrass to your garden arsenal, it鈥檚 also drought resistant, easy to grow, and its foliage makes it a pleasant addition to any garden. Onion and garlic plants emit a smell that is not only unpleasant to snakes, it also disorients them. Garlic, especially, is effective at fending off snakes.

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