how to display pots in your garden

how to display pots in your garden

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  • How can I Make my Garden look good with pots?

  • Pots can make great focal points, the trick is to place them on a visual journey down the garden to a key area, like a seat or gazebo. I can鈥檛 stress enough how helpful any solid form can be for bringing clarity to planting borders. They can be miracle workers!

  • Where should you place your pots?

  • Westover Landscape Design, in Tarrytown, New York, suggests thinking about pots as visual punctuation. You can place one at the end of a path to lead your eye through the garden or to signal a change in direction on a walkway, he says. Keep in mind that containers are elevated and plants dry out more quickly than those in the ground.

  • Can you use any pot as a plant stand?

  • Almost anything can serve as a plant stand, provided it鈥檚 tall enough to lift the plant to the desired height, stable enough not to topple in the wind, and sturdy enough not to collapse when the pot on top gets a heavy watering.

  • How can I Make my Garden display more interesting?

  • This is a shortcut to a striking display and provides so much interest. There is a mix of flowers, foliage, colour, size, shape and form. It could be chaotic but it really works. The trick is to build everything around a tall central plant 鈥?a hardy geranium in this case.

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